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Mountmaking for art and artifacts by Gavin Lee. Mount-making for museum art and artifacts. Mount making by Gavin Lee. Master Craftsman - Mount Maker - Artifact Mounts- Museum Mounts

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Gavin Lee

about mountmaking and my background

my history:

In 1997 I started working at the Oakland Museum of California.  This is when I began my career in mountmaking.  From the very beginning I was put to the test, creating mounts for artifacts such as daguerreotypes, weapons, tools, costumes, jewelry, ceramics, books, documents and much more.


Early on, I was taught the ideas of design and function, safety and security, protection and conservation.  We used only conservationally sound materials, and techniques.  This is my foundation for mountmaking.


I provide consultation and mountmaking services for museums, galleries, exhibit designers and private collectors.

my approach:

Mountmaking is a delicate art that's like a dance of form and structure, weight, balance and gravity.  The challenge is to create something that is "invisible", safe and secure for the art and artifacts, using only conservationally sound materials and techniques.


The process of mountmaking is a collaboration with conservators, curators, exhibit designers and artists.  Together we work together on a plan that best protects and displays the art and artifacts.  


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